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21 day postnatal power up challenge


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Ladies!!! Super mama’s & awesome mamas to be, the time has come. Your time has come. To be postnatal & powerful.

Theu say it takes a village to raise a child. Yes, this may be true, but in reality it takes a village to raise up a mother.

When you gave birth, it wasn’t just a baby that came hime, it was a new mum, whether it is your first of 5th child, and that new mum needs as much support as she can possibly get.

Now, im not saying we can do everything at but we can do a pretty lot and alot of that is what a new mum/not so new mum needs.

On April 15th we will be holding our first ever 21 day health and fitness challenge. This will include, x4 classes a week, in person and virtual, food guide, personalised goal setting and a whole lot of laughing and sweating.

Your mummy tribe need you. Do not wait for others to tell you what you need, or for others to put their best foot forward, you be that pioneer and inspire other mums that they can do it!

Expect pilates galore, body strengthening and conditioning, resistance training, nutrition support, and a village cheering you on.


NOW!! Limited spaces apply.

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