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Fast Forward

Gentle African American mum with closed eyes kissing adorable little daughter in turban at home

2019 My world shifted on its axis. I received the gut-wrenching news that my daughter would be born with a fatal blood condition. The following year was a blur of fear, hope, and unwavering love. Unlike many stories, however, our journey wasn’t over after a year.

This experience further fueled my passion for empowering mothers. As a mother, I wanted more for my daughter. Thankfully, with my background in functional medicine, I was able to take a proactive approach to her health. We implemented a combination of strategies that are now core components of Go Figure Health Nairobi’s philosophy. This included targeted supplementation to address any nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle adjustments like ensuring adequate vitamin D intake, and incorporating movement practices like yoga as early as 18 months old. By the time she was two, we had introduced breathwork exercises to promote relaxation and healthy sleep patterns.

These practices, which are now part of our programs at Go Figure Health, weren’t just about physical well-being. They were about creating a foundation for a healthy and happy life. And the good news? It worked. Witnessing my daughter blossom and thrive fueled my desire to share this knowledge and empower other mothers.

a person holding a baby

Through this experience, I discovered a renewed sense of purpose. Motherhood, with all its joys and challenges, became the catalyst for change. In 2022, the idea for Go Figure Health Nairobi was born. I envisioned a space that transcended the walls of a traditional gym, a haven where mothers could come together not just to strengthen their bodies, but to nurture their spirits and rediscover their inner strength.

Society often portrays mothers as one-dimensional figures, solely defined by their roles as caregivers. They are bombarded with expectations and societal pressures, often losing sight of their own needs and aspirations. But what about the woman behind the mother? Where does she go to feel seen, heard, and empowered in her entirety?

Go Figure Health Nairobi isn’t just a gym; it’s a supportive community, a sisterhood founded on shared experiences and genuine support. Here, vulnerability and strength intertwine, allowing women to embrace themselves fully. It’s not an outdated idea but a tangible reality, built on respect, encouragement, and shared laughter.

Little Child Kissing Mother in Golden Crown girl, mother, daughter

As I closed the launch night in Nairobi, surrounded by so many incredible women, the energy was electric. It was a culmination of years of dedication, a dream brought to life. This isn’t just about physical fitness; it’s about rediscovering the powerful, resilient woman within, reclaiming your energy, and feeling confident in your own skin. Go Figure Health is here to support you, every step of the way.

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