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From Athlete to Mompreneur: My Journey to Go Figure Health Nairobi

A Mother Carrying Her Daughter

It feels surreal to be writing this from our brand new Go Figure Health space here in Nairobi! Can you believe it? This journey all started ten years ago in London, but it truly feels like it’s scome full circle here, in my hometown.

Back then, I was a different kind of athlete. The roar of the crowd, the sting of lactic acid in my muscles, and the pure joy of pushing myself to my limits—that was my life. As a sprinter, I found solace and empowerment on the track. But life, as it often does, took an unexpected turn. My first pregnancy marked a beautiful shift. While the thrill of competition remained, a new kind of anticipation bloomed—the excitement of becoming a mother.

Motherhood, however, wasn’t without its challenges. Now navigating the healthcare system not just as a professional but also as a patient, I witnessed firsthand the gaps in support for mothers, particularly during the crucial postpartum and maternity period. This resonated deeply with me.

Crop ethnic mom embracing and kissing cheek of adorable little girl in headscarf at home on blurred background

While working as a dedicated healthcare professional at the National Health Service, I became increasingly aware of the neglect women’s health services often faced. As a new mother myself, seeking support from the very system I worked within, I felt the impact of this neglect even more acutely. It was a system that seemed to prioritize speed and efficiency over genuine care, often overlooking the emotional and physical needs of mothers during this vulnerable time.

This experience fueled a fire within me. The lack of attention to a mother’s mental health during pregnancy, particularly regarding antenatal depression, was deeply concerning. The abrupt end to postpartum care at just 8 weeks, when mothers often still feel overwhelmed and require significant support, was another glaring issue. Most concerning of all was the lack of awareness and screening for diastasis recti, a separation of abdominal muscles that can occur during pregnancy and childbirth.

Witnessing these shortcomings firsthand ignited a deep desire to create a different kind of healthcare experience for mothers.

In London, we built something special—a space where over 170 women a week came together to train, heal, and support one another. It was a testament to the power of sisterhood, åa network that went far beyond the confines of the gym. This experience solidified my belief in the transformative power of movement and community, especially for mothers.

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